Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Currently December!

It's December!

Coffee brewing is always wonderful! Especially when there are no kids up yet!

Our school takes a break from Thanksgiving through Christmas! It allows parents time to do other school stuff with their kids besides the homework we give, and I am definitely thankful for the extra time at home and break from school stuff! :)

So on Monday we found out we were expecting a GIRL! I was completely expecting to be adding a third boy into the mix, so I was quite excited to find out it was a girl! I have been spending way to much time on pinterest and look forward to getting crafty for this little girl. :) I have been really sick this pregnancy, which is why this blog has been totally neglected, but I am starting to get some energy back and have several posts to start working on! :)

I want to go baby shopping too, but I am trying to hold back! ;) She isn't due til April.

The boys and I are going to go visit my dad for a couple days while my mom is out of town. Will has a ton of classwork and lesson plans to work on so I figured he could use some peace and quiet too.

{real or faux}
REAL! We started getting a real one about 2 or 3 years ago and I will never be able to go back! I love the smell and how beautiful the real ones are! This year I am giving in to Alex's wishes and going with colored lights though. I love the simplicity of white lights, but I guess the kiddo's desires trump that sometimes! ;)

Happy December everyone! :)
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