Thursday, June 16, 2016

Unit Days

I often talk about homeschooling as if it is the "Great Experiment." Because that is really what it is. Education is so amazing in that there are so many facets in which to educate your child, and I am thankful to have the amount of choices I do. I don't think one is better then the other, but it really comes down to what is best for our family and each child. 

So now we start "officially" homeschooling because Alex is entering Kindergarten in the fall. Which is quite hard for me to believe. And I am thankful to have the support of an amazing homeschool academy to keep us on track, but I am equally thankful for some wonderful friends I have found to do this journey with! 

It started with a Dr. Seuss Day,

 which lead to Botany Bonanza, 

and most recently Water Cycle Day!

Now we have a whole year's worth of unit studies to take us through our Kindergarten year! We will read books and learn at home, but together our kids can share in some experiences that will cement their learning while having a fun time doing it! 

We usually have a read aloud, a couple hands on activities, a "take home" activity to keep, and some fun snacks! [Thanks pinterest!] So far we have always seemed to over plan, so we always have an activity or two we can do at home. It's a great way to review, at home, the things we talked about together. Also, it is very cute to hear a three year old say "evaporation" ;).

I'm so excited for the fun we will have this year and all that we will learn! Nothing is more fun than watching your kiddos discover new ideas for the first time!