Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Since we only meet two days a week, we are passing out our Valentine's treats tomorrow!
This year I decided to use up some old crayons and the boys and I melted them down into lego molds

We used some fine motor skills taking off paper. Breaking a part the crayons and sorting them into color groups was fun too! :)

We made enough for all of our classes! 
And still have plenty of crayon's left over for more crayon making.
Don't have time to make crayons? ;) Put in a couple of real lego blocks or figures!

And then I made some Valentine coloring cards to go with it! 
Fun to color but ink friendly which is a plus! ;)

They are two to a page, but to print smaller go here for the directions!

You can snag those and my valentine treats from last year here

Be sure to check out this post for some Valentine graphing freebies too!

Hope you all have a fun Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Five For Friday: More Nonfiction!

We survived another week! Third trimester is no joke and I spend life feeling tired! ;) But I'm letting my dishes sit for another day and putting my feet up instead. And actually writing on this blog. It's a mini miracle! 

I used up a bunch of old broken crayons to make some fun Lego crayons for all of our valentines treats! I got the molds from Amazon. Alex was great at helping take off the crayon paper and he loved sorting the colors and adding them to the molds!  I was happy to find a non-food treat because we have some food allergies in our class!

Monday was the most gorgeous 70s day! It was a great way to start February! It's fun to be able to meet up with friends too. A couple of the other teachers from my school have kiddos my kids ages so they have fun playing together and it's a refreshing mommy break!

Back at school we are busy researching information about our nonfiction topics! After learning about several different graphic organizers, we used those to help organize our notes. The kids are working on a final copy at home, but then we will also collaborate together to turn it into a class encyclopedia!

We have also been looking at different nonfiction text structures over the last couple of weeks! Reading A to Z has some great reading passages! I enlarged one for us to look at together and then the kids worked in pairs to pull out information and put it on an organizer! Looking at these texts have reinforced keeping our writing organized too!

Do you all use oils? They are a recent discovery for me, but I love them! the boys and I had fun making some stuff with them today! Alex is a huge fan! He loves sleepy spray for his bed and thinks it's amazing that we can make soap and hand sanitizer! 😉

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