Friday, October 2, 2015

Currently October

Hello October!

Alex is so funny when he is talking and playing. Liam slept in today so it was nice to have a quiet morning!

I've been ready for cooler weather to come in. And we are getting ready for lots of rain, so hanging out with coffee under a blanket today is the best idea ever!

We finished up our first units for Writing and Literature. Now we are moving into using our Voices in writing and beginning to think deeply about what we are reading to build comprehension. I like to try and plan out the whole unit at once so I make sure to know where I am taking them. I am excited for these to start because they are ready to really go deep with their comprehension. I am thinking about using Patricia Polacco as an author study because there is a lot we can connect to her books in both writing and literature!

Now to find the time to get the planning done! I need a kid free afternoon sometime to be able to devote to planning. I work better in this kind of situation with a big chunk of time instead of trying to do it over the needs of the boys! :)

I keep renewing my library books online, but am so ready to take them back and get new ones out. We just can't find a time to go, and I have SO many books out right now that I am trying to plan a time when Will can come along so that he can help me with all the books and the boys. I also need to check out a bunch of Polacco books for our study. 

Fall puts me in such a good mood. From the beautiful, bright colors of apples and pumpkins to the pretty design on my PSL starbucks cup. And all the other colors in between. And because its scarf weather. I love it. Its the little things in life that make it so beautiful!

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Hope you all enjoy a wonderful October! :)


  1. Hi! Your blog is precious. Are you off today because of the rain? It's been crazy here! I love Patricia Polacco books. Hope you can enjoy some time to relax.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

    1. I teach part time now so get to enjoy some time at home! :) I spent part of my time teaching third and the rest doing preschool. :)

  2. I need to be better about utilizing the library! I often just buy all the books I need, which is silly because I don't have a spare room lined with bookshelves to keep them all on. HA!

    All of you who post about PSL make me jealous! I have to drive over two hours to find a Starbucks. I have to drive 30 minutes just to get a decent, fresh coffee from an actual coffee shop. Oh the joys of small town living in South Dakota. ;)

    ~Heather aka HoJo~

    1. Oh my! 2 hours away from starbucks?! I get annoyed that there are no drive thrus close by! ;) I do like to get the pumpkin spice creamer and use those little milk frothers to make it frothy. That is my cheap version! :)

  3. I love Patricia Polacco! I do also love a nice hot PSL, but lately I'm obsessed with the Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks (with a little extra salt).
    On the Go Teacher Mama

  4. I agree that planning an entire unit of study is so valuable. Good luck finding a kid-free afternoon to get your planning done. Patricia Polacco is always a great idea in my opinion. I used her books throughout the year to introduce and model writing and reading concepts. She is wonderful!
    Crockett's Classroom . . . Forever in Third Grade


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