Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

My district did a great job on the calendar this year! Halloween was a half day. And we had a half day and long weekend for Valentine's Day!
We had a great {SHORT} day celebrating! 

Candy Heart Graphing was a huge success! 

I have this as a growing freebie at my facebook page if you want to check it out! We did the M&M graphing earlier in the week. It was a great assessment for graphing. 

Since I was passing out candy in our graphing activities I went with non-candy items for valentine's gifts this year. These were not only perfect as Alex's valentines for his teachers and classmates, but it was perfect for my students and teammates! Alex loves glow sticks and I think I got enough for his class and mine for about $3! Buy extras because I accidentally broke quite a few! ;)

I found the ideas on pinterest, but made my own printables. I didn't want to have to open up the EOS lip balms so made a card that I could keep them in their original package... it seemed more clean that way! ;)

I was on for snack for Alex's class, so I made some ziploc bag toppers too!

You can find those printables here!

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