Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Currently June!

It's definitely the end of the school year! I am having trouble keeping up. :) 
But, I'm only 3 days late for Farley's Currently! Here is what is going on...

silence is golden right now. School day is done, kids are in bed, and I am learning to enjoy the sound of silence more and more!

last year the format of our end of year awards changed and it went from being a grade level assembly to a classroom celebration. I love the change because it has become a lot more special to our class. I used the awards from Fabulous in First and The Sweetest Thing. I made a slide show for the class using and then read the sweetest book, I Wish You More, at the end. If you don't already own it, you HAVE to get it! I had quite a few parents, so it was special. It was especially bittersweet because they are my last group of first graders to celebrate for a while!

2 more days! Half days with kiddos at that! The last days will be filled with some fun times and cleaning up the classroom! 

Our spare room is filled to the brim with stuff I have been bringing home from school. It is a serious mess and I am really wanting to start sorting through everything, but its not a project I have time to start right now! 

I usually live by lists, but have not been able to keep up with everything that is going on! I know I will forget something if I don't take time to sit down and write out what I need to do... If I accomplish anything tonight I guess it should be that!

{summer lovin}
June is busy with a wedding and two family reunions in Illinois, Ohio and PA. We have one more wedding in July and then I fully intend to make sure we have some DO NOTHING time! I am so wiped out I know I am going to need to make sure we take it easy and don't take time to get caught up on rest. Ending out the school year is never very restful! 

Well that is what is going on! Be sure to check out what others are up to as well! :)


  1. I need to go through my school stuff too! I hope you really do get to DO NOTHING in July! I am planning on the same for a week or two throughout the summer!
    Erin (Very Perry Classroom)

  2. My home office looks more like Laura's Land of School Stuff. This is my husband's first time actually having to deal with school stuff coming into the house as we lived separately at this time last year. I think he is feel a bit overwhelmed!
    Glad to hear it's not just me needing to sort through things. Hope your last two days go smoothly! Sounds like your celebration was great!

    Enchanting Elementary


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