Saturday, August 1, 2015

Who we are as Readers and Writers

Planning for this year back to school is definitely a little different than years past. First off it's 3rd grade and Secondly I only see the kiddos two mornings a week. We have to jump into our learning pretty quickly so as I was thinking about the first week of school and getting to know my kids, I decided to also use the lens of who they were as readers and writers. I have done interest inventories with kids and their parents in the past, but decided to make it a little more fun this year!

I love doing these too! It's a great way to reflect as a teacher reader and writer too! 

I will often give one or two of my answers as an example, but save a lot to share after the kids are done... Just to make sure I don't influence their answers. ;)

You can find it {here} at teachers pay teachers!

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