Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Life

A teacher friend once told me that if we go to school during the summer then they would make us start working more. I laughed, but I understand what she is saying.
This summer I have gone to school a couple of times to drop stuff off, I've made some cute stools for my classroom (see that post here), bought a lot of fun new pens (isn't paperwork and note taking so much more fun when you have some good pens), and started this blog.
I went to one training and during those 3 days was very focused on what needs to change for next year, but then I came home. As much as I want to think about school, I can't, I don't really want too. Last year was a rough year. I had one of those memorable groups. They really wore me out. So I decided that this summer really needs to be a break. One of the IB Learner Profiles is being Balanced. I struggle so much with that, as does every teacher I am sure. So no school thoughts until August. Except for the occasional free download that pops up on my facebook or bloglovin' feeds.
So hopefully come August I will be ready to jump back in, freshen up my classroom and get those plans ready for a new group of first grade friends, but until then I plan to enjoy my pajamas until as late as I can, stay up reading that book, or go to the zoo with my kids on a Monday afternoon.

Because I am a teacher, and I earned my summer vacation!

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