Saturday, December 20, 2014

Checking in...

Hello Winter Break!
This past week was full of craziness. By Tuesday I was pretty sure I had been at school for a whole week, but it was JUST TUESDAY!

We spent the mornings doing Holiday's Around the World. Doing the same activity SIX times gets a little old, but the kids enjoyed it. It is fun to get to know all the other classes better.
I started most groups by going to google maps and checking out our school (they love seeing the picture of of school when you switch to the earth view!) then adding our destination: Tokyo Japan!
We read one of my favorite books:

Tree of Cranes is one of 3 books that Allen Say wrote that chronicle a cross-cultural family. They are near and dear to my TCK heart.

Christmas in Japan has become a lot more popular than in years past, but it is not a day off for the kids. New Years is their main holiday so we talked about that more and then we played a popular new year's game called Fuku Warai. Then they each make their own and play it! 

In the afternoons we did some winter stations. We didn't even make it through all that I had made, so I am happy to have some stuff ready for when we come back from break!

{Click on the Picture to check them out!}

But then on Wednesday FLU struck our house! I had to leave early on Wednesday and Thursday to visit the pediatrician...
I know, I win mom of the year for taking a selfie with my sick boys, but it was to send to my husband to show them how pitiful they looked! And the good thing is it meant lots of cuddle time for me since they usually don't sit still! But the whole family was down, and Will was too sick to take care of the boys so I missed out on the Polar Express and our winter celebration to stay home and tend to the sick! Thanks to tamiflu and lots of mommy's TLC, Alex was full of energy again by Friday evening, and Liam still has a runny nose, but he is feeling much better too. Of course, Will and I are at about zero energy... I don't have the flu, but I am definitely run down from it all! 

The last couple of years, Alex and I will make snowman pancakes the first Saturday of break. They are not pretty, but we put snow on them (powdered sugar) and that makes them much more beautiful! :) This year he wanted a hat, so I tried to oblige! ;) I added in a couple of extra chocolate chips because the others sunk into the pancake when I flipped it over!

Besides getting over the total exhaustion the last couple weeks of school have brought (it's been really rough), I am hoping to work on a couple of projects over break, getting sucked in to a netflix show, and enjoy lots of time with the boys! I also need to start walking, running or something. I need to get in a routine to build in some me/stress relief time! My brain is already going into reflection mode about things I need want to do better once we get back from break, but I am going to try to hold off on that for a bit. :) 
Hope you all have a well deserved and very restful break! :)

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