Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter Warm-ups: A FREEBIE!

We spend a lot of time planning for the summer slide...
Why not do some winter warm-ups?

The kiddos are off for two weeks 
and then we have 3 weeks left to finish up the quarter, 
plus mid year testing starts.
{can you say assessment overload!!} 

I do not want my kids getting too comfortable over break.
 They need to keep their brains warmed up so that they don't start forgetting all the hard work we have done over the last several months!

I made this sheet to share with parents some specific things they can work on 
with their child over break.
Plus, when report cards go home in January, and I start calling them about mid-year testing, they will already be aware of some skills they need to work on with their child. 
Click on the picture to go to the freebie!

One of the most common things parents say is that they want to know how their child is doing in school so they can work with them at home. I thought this would be a great little progress report based on some things I am noticing when we conference together!
I also have been sending home sight work checks (find out more info about that here) and send those home once or twice a month has made a huge difference too!

8 days until break... but whose counting? ;)

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