Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dice Game Freebie!

You know you are a teacher when you play Bunco...
and think about how it would make a fun game for your first graders! :) 
A game night with the ladies at my church last night had me make this little freebie last night! 
Not exactly Bunco... but something to help them keep practicing those addition facts!

The kids can stick their target number in the stars and they want to roll the two dice and write down the equations that make that number. 

All the other equations get put in the not equal side, so it helps them learn the equal/not equal vocabulary too! 

I stuck the paper in a handy sheet protector so we can reuse it over and over in a center, 
but if we play it whole group I will probably print each child a copy to use as a formative assessment!

I one time got some dice at the dollar tree that had the numbers 7-12 on them, so I might pull those out when I want the kids to practice making 10s! And because it has the number printed on it, they can practice counting on by using one numbered dice and one dice with the 1-6 dots too!

Head over to my TPT store to grab a copy!

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