Saturday, September 20, 2014

Five for Friday... On a Saturday!

What a week! I am linking up with Doodle Bug Teachings Five for Friday...
only a day late! :) 


1. My kiddos this year are so sweet! I made some notes to send home because I really want to keep encouraging their sweet behavior! I think parents will appreciate the notes too! 
You can find them in my store!
Positive Notes to Send Home!

2. For most of this week there was a detour by my house. I live 2 minutes from the interstate, but had to go about 10 minutes out of my way to get there!! SO annoying. But, the road opened up Friday morning, so it was a perfect way to end the week! 

3. I'm starting the newest Beth Moore bible study, Children of the Day. I have been so blessed and challenged by each study she has done! I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me with this one! :)

4. I finished up this game this week! Roll and Read for blends and TH/SH. I plan on adding some more sounds soon, but wanted to get that in my store! My kids really enjoyed it last year. I love making games that I can laminate and use year after year--and it saves on paper! I can check to see if my kids played the game by asking them to read the words to me later! :)
Check them out here.
Roll and Read: Blends and TH/SH words

5. I LOVE my boys! Life is so much better with them! They are at such fun stages 
well... most of the time ;) 
and I love coming home to see what adventures I will have with them the rest of the day!
Yes. Liam always eats, and Alex never smiles for pictures. They are a hoot though! :)

Life is GOOD!! The weather is cooling down, we are settling into a good routine at school, and its been a great weekend so far! 

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