Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Math strategy bags!

This AMAZING idea came together thanks to some wonderful teachers I worked with last year. 
We used them a little bit last year, but I pulled them out the first week of school this year 
and I am SO excited to use them!

Buy the Slider bags so that you can tape a number line to the top of your bag!
you can download the number line freebie here.

Right now the kids only have a couple of items in their bag, but once we learn more strategies we will keep adding to the bag! I keep everything in my bag though... so here is a peek at that.

First Up...
Number Bond Cards
Use them with counters, number cards...
I laminated them so that we can write on them too!

Number Bracelets
I love these things! We made them last year, and then this year added the numbers. 
They have been great to help look for embedded numbers. The kids had no trouble making these last year and it was great counting practice! I have one for the numbers 6-10.

I can't wait for the kids to start using these... 
Counting On Cups! 
Whoever came up with this was so smart! 
If you are doing 6+3 then the kids can get their six cup and use their pom poms to count up 3 more!

Got to love Ten Frames! We use the counters for so many other things too!

Number cards with five groups on the back.

Once we work more on fluency, then we will add in the fact family flash cards. 
I got them at but copied them smaller so it wouldn't use so much paper. I like how these have the same shape as a number bond so the kids can keep seeing the connection.
We cut these out last year. I meant to send them home with the kids but forgot, 
but that is okay because now we have them for this year!

I can't wait to utilize these this year! I love that there are so many different hands-on tools to help the kids understand the different topics. And when the kids are involved in putting them together, it really is not too difficult at all!

Anything else we should add?

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