Saturday, October 4, 2014

Currently: October Edition

This is my first time linking up to Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently Linky!

Listening... to Parks and Rec, well watching I guess. I can't ever keep up with current seasons of shows so I love watching Netflix on the weekends!

Loving... Fall is back in South Carolina! Hoping the weather stays cool like this. We had a nice little fall weather week and then it got hot again.... That does not make me happy! 

Thinking... My boys are napping I really should be getting something done around the house, but its the weekend. I love just being able to do what I want for a couple of minutes! 

Wanting... Naptime sounds really nice... ;)

Needing... My lesson plans are done, but my school to-do list is full of random things that need to get done... not to mention my cleaning to-do list! I can't keep up!

Treat! For the last couple of years we have done a fun pumpkin measuring activity in class! For this month you can find it as a freebie in my TPT store! Thanks for leaving some feedback! :)
Pumpkin Measuring


  1. I am your newest follower thanks to Farley's rule of 3! I wish I could have some nice fall weather, but here in Miami it still feels like we are in the middle of a very hot and humid July! I am not watching Netflix right now, but I am watching Homeland on OnDemand. What did we do before all of this??? I have a to do list like no other and I am trying to face the fact that most of it may never get done... I would love for you to come follow me and we can become blogging buddies. Enjoy your Saturday!

    Faithful in First

  2. I know that feeling of hating the heat! I live in Southern CA, and we can't get a break on the hot weather! At least you had a reprieve for a short time. I hope it cools off for you soon. :) Have a wonderful weekend!
    Thrills in Third Grade

  3. I'm glad Fall has arrived too! Hope it doesn't get too hot for you. Netflix is my weekend friend as well. Good luck with your to-do lists!

    Apples and Papers


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