Friday, October 24, 2014

Five For Friday... TGIF!!

The last two weeks have been crazy! I don't love report card time. We are working on our benchmarks and end of quarter assessments.... it messes up our whole schedule! But I am getting some good data, and a new quarter is kind of a fresh start so we are going to change some things up as far as small groups and workshop! Nothing too major, but hopefully it will get us all back on track!
Here's what has been going on recently...

1. As an IB school we have to develop portfolios for students to reflect on their work. Using them in a first grade classroom can be an interesting task. I wrote about it here.

2.  Last week was our fall break. We unexpectedly had to make the long trip to cleveland for my Grandpa's funeral. Thankfully our boys are great travelers!

3. One of the good things about the trip was being able to see all of my family! We are spread out in 4 different states and 2 countries! We hadn't been all together in over 2 years (well, we were missing a brother-in-law, but we were almost all together!)
You see that boy on the right? Oh yeah, that would be Alex...
adding some attitude to our picture! ;)

4. We survived our first field trip of the year.... the play Junie B. Jones! It's my favorite kind of field trip. Get on bus, get off, sit and watch show, and get back on bus! ;) low key is what I needed this week! The kids really enjoyed it though and that is what is important!

5. Alex draws a picture! He drew a picture of himself and Liam. I thought it was sweet. He has not been into drawing at all so I just love everything he does!! He even wrote Liam's name-- I just helped with the M!

Yeah, so this post is not so much about school.... I saw this article on facebook and am glad to know there is a name for what I am feeling right now! Hehe! Thankful for a restful weekend ahead so I can regroup to make it through the second half of DEVOLSON! :)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bug Teachings Five for Friday this week! :)

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