Friday, October 3, 2014

Five for Friday: hello October

It's Friday!! I'm linking up with Doodle Bug's Five for Friday today!

I can't believe we started October this week! We are keeping busy and steadily getting into more and more routines! 

1. I worked on some new games this past week! and yes, we will be working on reversals! ;)
I love using dice for game. The kids seem to pick up on them really easily and we can use them in a lot of ways! I posted it on TPT this week. The preview shows a couple of games and includes a freebie! you can find it here!

2. We started a new Unit of Inquiry this week. After collecting some earth we wrote down some questions.  We read some books about water on Thursday and had such a great conversation about clean/dirty water around the world. We aren't finished with the conversation yet, but the kids were starting to make great connections. I can't wait to see where we will go next! I have loved the collaborative conversations our team has had too, we have all ended up coming at our unit in different ways, but the kids are definitely making connections to the world!
LOVE it!! I posted a little about our unit here
More will come as we continue inquiring our way through it!

3. I'm not sure why I lug this home every night... I did not open it once this week! 
At least I feel organized this year!

4. My life is busy but listening to the Bible each morning keeps me grounded! So thankful that the youversion app has an audio feature. I am doing an Immersion into Ephesians. Reading all of Ephesians everyday has been so encouraging.

5. I finally got my Reading Strategy posters up! We have been working on them for a couple weeks now, but I finally have them hanging behind my guided reading table! I also have stickers for the kids to add to their journal covers as they master them, and I am using them for the Accuracy portion of our CAFE wall (my work in progress...)
The kids love talking about their expert strategy! 
You can find all the reading strategies and a lot of extra goodies here!
Reading Strategies Posters, Bookmarks, Labels, Student Car

I'm ready for the weekend now!!
Happy October!

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