Friday, January 9, 2015

Five For Friday: First Week Back!

What a Week! 
{how often have I ended up saying that?}

Here's my top 5 for this week! 

We needed to practice fact families, so I made an activity using number bond cards. There are two levels of cards and a blank version too! We used them whole group the first time, but they will be perfect for continued practice in workshop too! You can grab them FREE at my facebook page! (under the fan freebies tab!)

 It has been an interesting week back! Thankfully there were a couple days that weren't too cold and I did enjoy half run/half walk to relieve some stress! Definitely want to do that more!

Growing up in Japan has made me a lifelong stationary lover. The Japanese are brilliant when it comes to stationary and pens! My favorite store is Muji and I decided to order a planner from there. I usually go with academic year planners, but I wanted one for all of 2015. I decided to buy a fun pen too! It makes me happy! :)

Alex might hate me one day for this picture, but gave me a good laugh! ;) It is sometimes hard to be a mom and a teacher, but at the end of the day you sometimes have to laugh! I love the scrabble jr. cheezits, but Alex was not a fan of my message to him! His mood soon lightened up and he ate them up without a problem!

Yesterday I wrote about what I like about some of my favorite things about our independent reading time. I met with our school's literacy coach yesterday and her ideas helped gave me the renewed vision I needed for this school year. I was a little frustrated with how the year was going, but now I have some good ideas that I think are going to bring some of the excitement back for me! More on those details this weekend, but for now you can find out what I am loving about our independent reading time by going here!

Well, that's my five for friday! I am linking up with Doodlebug Teaching's Five for Friday!


Thank goodness for the weekend!


  1. Hi Katie! How could I have missed Scrabble Cheezits?? What fun. And thanks for the number bond freebie. We are all about number bonds. I'm a new follower– See you around! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

    1. The box even has fun games to play with the cheezits! :) Thanks for following along!

  2. Oh boy I can relate to those meltdowns! Laughing is the best way to get through it! I'm so glad you have a new plan for your independent reading time. That has always been a tricky time for me too. I can't wait to read about what works for you:)

  3. I love Scrabble Cheez-It's! Your message to your son is too funny!


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