Monday, January 5, 2015

Number Bonds and Fact Families FREEBIE!!

We were talking about how we needed to practice fact families so I decided to make little activity to help my kids practice fact families using a number bond. 

We use number bonds a lot and I hope this will help them keep making the connection between addition, subtraction, and how they can see it all on the number bond!

I included 12 number bonds that are complete and 12 that have a missing part for varying levels of difficultly. Plus one blank page so you can make your own number bonds if you want to go above 20!

You can put a page in a sheet protector and have the kids use dry erase markers or there is a recording sheet that allows them to record 3 number bond and fact families!

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Click on the picture to grab it!

Enjoy! Hope it helps ease your way back to school!

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