Sunday, January 11, 2015

GoNoodle Linky!

I ran across this GoNoodle linky party today and had to join in! 
I am a HUGE fan of GoNoodle! It has been amazing since I ran across it last year.
They are always adding great brain breaks and doing things to make it better! I was so happy when we could start adding youtube videos to the site! My kids love the Learning Station videos so it was great to add those in and get points for doing those too!

Favorite GoNoodle Break:
It is hard to choose a favorite GoNoodle activity! We have been doing a lot more from the FLOW category since coming back from break. I love looking around and seeing all the kids with their eyes closed and focusing in on what the person is saying! It helps me regain my sanity too! ;)

I'm also so thankful for how educational some of the brain breaks are! I regularly do Word Jam, Bodyspell and Freeze before we start a lesson because I can tie them in with content! It's a fun way to practice spelling and a great way to learn new vocabulary!

Happy Place:
I'm easy to please! Right now if I am curled up under a blanket on the couch I am happy because it usually means I have a couple of minutes to myself. And that is always treasured!

Guilty pleasure:
The pen isle is so dangerous for me! I have trouble resisting buying some fun new pens or a pretty journal. But if it's been a crazy week or I have to get myself excited for something, new pens always seem to help! ;) 

Keep Calm and... 
Most popular tags for this image include: coffee, keep calm, brown, drink and drink coffee

Putting a coffee pot in our hallway workroom was the greatest thing ever! Just the smell of coffee can put a smile on my face! I make sure to drink lots of water as well, but I am so grateful for coffee!

Four days until a workday and long weekend for me! We will be GoNoodling our way to Thursday afternoon! ;)

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  1. Totally agree with the content of some of the brain breaks! I love being able to tie it in with a lesson. It's a great hook :) Thanks for linking up!


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