Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Favorite Memories in First Grade

We brainstormed a list of our favorite activities of first grade today.
I almost teared up as I wrote them down. We have had a lot of fun in first grade this year!

I love how they remembered things all the way from the beginning of the year.
As I was writing down all the fun things, I realized this could double as a really good incentive! 
I wrote down their favorite memories on index cards and when we are all making good choices, we will stop everything we are doing, pull one out and do it again! Of course not all field trips we can redo, but we can do some similar things--visit our school library and read some books, make our own puppets for a puppet show. 
This will help us through these next two and a half weeks of school! Our principal keeps telling us to stay one step ahead of this kids, and I think having this will help. :)

My real purpose for this brainstorm was to work on one more narrative piece of writing for the year. The kids chose their favorite memory, sketched some pictures of the beginning, middle, and end, and then jotted down some things to remember as they talked through their memory with a partner.

Hopefully we will finish it up tomorrow and have a fun end of the year bulletin board for the last couple weeks of school!

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