Friday, May 15, 2015

Five For Friday: Busy days!

LOTS has happened this week. I'm still in shock that we are down to 3 weeks left! It feels long and short at the same time.  We are slowly getting through assessments, while still trying to enjoy our last unit, How We Organize Ourselves at the same time! :)

I love having a kid in school. It's so much fun to put together little teacher presents. But I don't like being so las minute about it... anyways Tuesday afternoon I realized that I didn't have gifts yet, but our team was doing a parent night, which was going to keep me out late... Not good planning! But, a quick trip to Lowes and a couple minutes at the computer using some fabulous KG fonts was all I needed for these cute basil gifts! I love useful plants and not only did these smell so good, but they are perfect to sit in the kitchen for fresh basil whenever you need it. Maybe I will get another one for myself too. ;)

The last two days we have spent a good 2+ hours outside before bedtime. It has cut bedtime down to 20 minutes! I love watching them play and love that bedtime is much more manageable! :) The beautiful greenery in our backyard is quite wonderful too.

I finished up my FAVORITE teacher planner this week. I think I have figured out which one to print for next year! There are lots of fun tribal themed backgrounds in this one. You can check out the preview here. Or look at the Nautical or Colorful versions too! They are all on sale this weekend and the calendars will be updated yearly, just download the updates!

My team had a parent night this week to give parents some ideas and resources for how to keep their kids engaged in learning over the summer. I shared some of what we talked about here, as well as some things I will be sending home this summer!

There are going to be some changes happening on the blog this summer! Read more about them here!
This weekend is well deserved! 14 days left for me! :)
I love joining the Five For Friday linky that Kacey does at Doodle Bugs Teaching! It's always a fun way to reflect over the week. :)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I'm an ELL Para and the lead teacher and I were trying to come up with ways to encourage our kiddos to read over the summer to avoid that slide as well. The Summer Reading Program we came up with is on my blog post for today if your interested.

    p.s. Congrats on your move to third grade! Bet you will love it!


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