Friday, May 8, 2015

Five for Friday: Beginnings and Endings

We picked 3 baskets last weekend and not one strawberry is left! We enjoyed strawberry cupcakes and the rest we ate up! Liam was all about eating and Alex a serious strawberry picker! We had a blast!

This chart is slowly filling up! We started our last unit--How We Organize Ourselves--on Monday. We read Westlandia and talked about tricky words. The kids were obviously confused about the word civilization, so as we read we paid attention to the things the boy did that were a part of his civilization. We have been researching Japan and adding some information to the list. We are going to research a couple countries and then talk about how each one organizes themselves to help their society.

We began our new unit, and finally wrapped up our old one! We started these little plants in our room and planted them on Thursday. I have no idea if they will  keep growing or not, but the kids were excited! We went out on Monday and made a list of how we needed to organize our planting and taking care of the raised bed...
Like I said. We will see how it goes! ;)

We were making birthday cards for our TA and one of the girls was thankful for the popsicle she got...
We have definitely been spending a lot of time with gonoodle and koo koo kangaroo! This made me laugh!

Alex has preschool on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I got my Mother's Day gifts on Wednesday. I hope his teacher's don't think I am crazy. Bacon. Everybody's favorite food! ;) 

Another week is done! Linking up with Doodle Bug Teaching's Five for Friday!

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