Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently July

It's July! That means it's time for Farley's Currently! :) 

I love it when i find a new show on netflix. I love murder/crime dramas, and British accents are always a plus so Death in Paradise is perfect! ;) But it takes place in the Caribbean, so it makes me want to be next to the beach!

After a busy June (read about it here), its been nice to have a lazy week at home, except of course, how lazy can you be with two kiddos at home! 

Next year I am teaching 3rd grade in a new setting! Today I did some work to redesign my blog to match! :) I have been meeting with some of the teachers I will be working with to plan out some stuff so my brain has been running a mile a minute! It's a part time position, so I am looking forward to some preschool fun at home too! 

I have a whole list of projects to work on to get ready for next year, but I am having so much trouble focusing on one thing too long. I work on a little bit here and there, but my boys are taking up lots of attention (and rightly so!) I need to figure out how to manage my time and our days a little bit better, especially with lots more time at home next year!

I REALLY need to get into an exercise routine. And I can't use the hot weather as an excuse! Now that we are done traveling and I can start building some routines that are not just summer based, I need to get on track!!

{All Star} 
I love being able to help others. If I have a resource, I love to pass it along--ideas, strategies, making treats for the hallway. I always feel happier when I can be a help to others! I think that is why I have enjoyed selling on TPTs too, because I get to see how sometime I make has helped others! :)

Hopefully in July I will actually find time to start blogging more too! The break from everything has been needed, but I've been thinking about lots of things in THIRD grade that I am looking forward to sharing! I need to start connecting with some more 3rd grade teachers too, so I can get more ideas!


  1. Lazy days at home...yess!! and then again, no...I get a little bored, but my two year old spices things up for me LOL! Your need is mine!!! I have to get into an exercise :/

    *If you love murder/crime drama...definitely check out Orphan Black if you haven't seen it already...

    1. I have seen it on there! I will have to check it out. :)

  2. Oh my goodness I'm laughing because as I read you need to make time to exercise, I realized THAT is what I should've written!! I TOTALLY need to work out regularly again!! LOL

  3. You wrote so many things I could have written in mine too. Enjoy your July!

  4. I am moving to third grade this school year too! I am a little nervous but excited! We will have to share our experiences with each other!

    1. I look forward to following your blog to see how it goes! :)


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