Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Inquiring our way through Preschool!

When summer hits I usually try to come up with some kind of schedule of fun things so we all don't go crazy over the summer, get stuck in a rut watching TV, or get TOO overwhelmed by boredom.
I also believe though, in giving myself some grace because summer is usually when I am exhausted from the school year too! And then there are the days, like after a fun-filled wedding weekend, that we all stay in our pajamas until dinner time and then get dressed so we can go on a walk. 
But this summer I was thinking that SUMMER was not going to completely end. We will only have 2 days a week of going to school, so we need to keep up some routines for the year too...
Thats when I decided to make us some schedule cards! Inside I was thinking that it was a little ridiculous, I mean, do I need to have our day that organized, BUT, I love/crave schedule and organization so I thought that this would help.

And...they have been wonderful! Alex has loved using them from day one. Its the first thing he does in the morning and he likes to talk about his ideas at bed too! If he is needing something to do, or wanting to watch TV, we usually check out the fridge for different ideas. Sometimes I will put up specific ones, but during the summer, we put up whatever we feel like! Kids definitely crave schedule too, especially ones like Alex! ;)

Check out the schedule cards here!

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