Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday: Enjoying Summer!

Just another week of summer! It's kind of fun to do Five for Friday during the summer to see all the fun random things we are up too. :)

Yep, I live with a bunch of super heroes! Will is definitely a super hero dad! Liam at 2 can pretty much name all of the super heroes and Alex will forever be batman. Love these boys and the great summer we have been having!

Speaking of superheroes...
My brother-in-law shared these family photos we took on our family vacation in Ohio. Please look at my child, front and center in the striped shirt...
What possesses him to do things like this!?! He is such a character! 

This is NOT a number you want to see in the middle of summer in SC! Our AC broke JUST before I was going to have my teammates over for sushi! Great timing...

But, Oh. My. Goodness.
Seeing these ladies again did my heart good. Its been a busy summer for all of us, but we have a blast making sushi and talking about life. It was good. :)

My brother-in-law is getting married so I was making the boys try on their outfits... because I just finished making them some bow ties....
Poor Liam. I didn't give him enough time after his nap. He was NOT a happy camper, but hopefully we will stay this clean for the wedding... I have some serious bribing that is going to go on to make sure they keep those bow ties on! ;)

Its definitely a challenge to plan for something you have never taught! My mind has been racing with all that I need to teach and getting it down on paper... its definitely been a process. You can go here to read about what my big plans for the year are! 

It's hard to believe we are almost in the middle of July! I am excited about the wedding we have this weekend. It will be fun to see lots of family and share in their special day! Hope you are all enjoying your summer! :)

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  1. Love the picture of your super heroes! My husband does that kind of stuff all the time. Great Dads! PS Thanks for the clip chart idea!
    Mrs.B's Classroom Adventures

  2. Your boys are adorable! I bet there's always something going on in your house!
    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. Your boys are SO CUTE! I love the bowties! I hope the AC gets fixed...Im in TN so I understand your pain! :)
      Moore to Learn

    2. Thankfully it got fixed the next day! Just in time too... Its getting hot again!

  3. It is the middle of July in Wisconsin and we are having a cool summer. I have not even turned my AC on yet. I hope it works when I need it. Your boys look adorable.

    The Very Busy Kindergarten

    1. We went to Wisconsin at the beginning of the summer to visit my brother and his wife! We were actually cold! It felt nice. :) We might have to visit again! I think it was about 20 degrees cooler there today! ;)

  4. Oh dear! Tired and forced to wear a bowtie? Just teasing. Those bowties and outfits are really adorable. I need to start doing some planning, too. I have more than a month of vacation left, but it's going to whizz by. I hope the wedding was fun!
    Laughter and Consistency


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