Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A is for...

I'm loving this first day of break! 
We are not going anywhere so it is nice to sit back and have a lazy day.
I already did all of my thanksgiving grocery shopping so this evening and tomorrow will be busy days, but that is later! 

Today's day is A...

I love my house full of boys! :) 
 Growing up in a house of mostly girls 
(only one brother who is 8 years younger)
there was a lot to  boyhood that I did not realize! 

But as our life has filled up with cars, trains, dinosaurs, and super heroes
I am so thankful for the two rascals God has given us! 

Life wouldn't be complete without Will either! 
He puts up with my insanity and rantings quite well.
Not to mention he is an amazing dad too!

So thankful for my family!

I'm linking up at Blog Hoppin' Week of Giving Thanks!

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