Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's Almost Thanksgiving!!

These past two weeks before thanksgiving have been exhausting! It's been difficult getting through the day let alone getting to blog or do anything more. And of course, nothing is getting done on time so that is why I am linking up to Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday... on a Saturday!

1. We have been a little slow in starting new IB unit, Where We are in Time and Place, but we are getting there! We looked at our central idea and talked about some of the important words. The kids got confused with the word greatness and grateful, so we talked about that for a while and then we listed the sames of some people we thought showed greatness. It was a good preassessment to see what they already knew, and I will use the names they gave as a spring board for the new people we need to introduce.

2. Friday we did Fun Friday, which basically means I make sure that every thing we need to practice or review is in the form of a game. So we started with Musical Sight Words, for lack of a better name. I put all of this quarter's sight words on foam pumpkins and the kids walk on them until the music stops and then they have to say the word they are on. If they can't read it they are out! We played Kwoosh ball sight words on the smart board too! That is always a hit!

3. Punctuation practice was done with the help of candy corn, sweet tarts, and gummy worms!

4. We ended Friday going to Alex's school program! He is the cute one with his hands in the air! He was ready to start! :) I was so worried that he would not sing or even get up there, but he did a great job!

5. We have 2 days next week and then we have the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving. I know of some schools that have the whole week off. I have sale going on in my store through Monday to celebrate with you if you are already on break, or to give you a little boost if you need help to make it through! :) Go here or click on the picture!

Go to Doodle Bugs Five for Friday to see what other teachers are up too!


  1. I love the fun Friday idea! Because of the many grade levels I teach this year, I am having a hard time incorporating this, but we try to do some sort of games/centers every 10 days to reinforce the skills they are working on. I liked reading about your week!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes you just need a change of pace to make it through the day! ;)


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