Tuesday, November 25, 2014

H is for...

Thanksgiving Break has started! Can I get a Hallelujah! :)

The day has finally slowed down so  here is what I am thankful for today...

Yes, Hot Coffee... it is rare that I enjoy a cup that is hot. I feel like I am in the stage of life where I drink lukewarm coffee because I pour a cup and then get distracted by 10 million different things. 
So a hot cup means I have had a chance to slow down, sit down, and enjoy my coffee!
Maybe this break that will happen! ;)

I'm linking up with Blog Lovin' Week of Giving Thanks!


  1. YES to the hot coffee! I can't start the day without it (not that I ever try to do that - I wouldn't take the risk!) It is definitely on my thankful list! :)

    1. This year we have a coffee maker in our hallway and it has been a lifesaver! :)


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