Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do you Kahoot??

I had seen Kahoot on pinterest and maybe in a blog or two. It has been on my "check that out sometime" list, but I had never gotten around to it. Yesterday our technology specialist brought it to our attention and I decided to set up an account last night.

Best. thing. ever! 

Seriously, it is a perfect tool for formative assessments. Basically, the kids see the question on the smartboard and they answer the question on their device. You can use any kind of tablet, computer, etc to have the kids answer the question.

Sign up for an account at It took me less than 20 minutes to make a quiz or you can search through the thousands of kahoots already created. If you need help creating a quiz, there are lots of youtube tutorials out there, and they guide you step by step so it is really easy! I used some clip art and asked kids to choose the correct vowel team spelling of each picture.

So today I tried it out with the kids. We did it in a whole group with partners working together on the iPads. This morning, I opened up the website they use to answer the question ( on the iPads and saved it to the home screen. Now it is like an app on the iPad and they can easily click on the link to get to the site.

Then they type in a game pin and their usernames. We did initials since they were doing it with a partner. It took the first question or two for them to figure out how to answer on their devices, and a couple turns after that to realize if they took their time they would have a better chance of answering correctly. ;) It shows them immediately if they got the correct answer and then there is a graph that shows how many kids got the answer correct. At the end you can also download the data to google drive! 

We played the game twice to really get the hang of it, but the second time they were already typing in the game pin and their nicknames without needing any help! 

I told the kids we would do a new quiz together every day before spring break... if we were making great choices. ;) They were so excited! And now I have an engaging way to review all our third quarter learning before we go off for spring break. 

I'm looking forward to having this be a station activity sometimes too. This is a great tool to add some novelty and excitement into your daily routines! 

Have you used Kahoot before? What are some quizzes you have made?

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