Friday, March 27, 2015

Five For Friday: Hello Spring Break!

I am finally on Spring Break! Today is a swap day for teachers and since I went in some over the summer, I don't have go in for the workday today! 
Here is what my week looked like!

I took the boys to Starbucks on Monday. Thanks to the Monday Member rewards and my free drink reward, we enjoyed a cheap and fun starbucks date while Will was at practice! :)

Around Spring Break time, I always get the craft bug and so  I decided to try knitting again. I already made one (mistake filled) dish cloth and have started my second one! I feel like a little mini lesson is going to come of this about the importance of not giving up and being okay with making mistakes! ;)

Our grade level had the kids do an "egg hunt" this week. All the eggs had review questions on them and the kids spent about 30 minutes going through and finding all the eggs and answering the questions! It was a great activity to keep them busy!

I was so tired coming home from school yesterday. This week wore me out! The boys enjoyed a little technology time while I took a nap on the couch! haha! This spring break is all about getting lots of rest! :)


Our church's easter eggstravaganza is tomorrow and I am helping out with the egg hunt! Do you think 3000 will be enough? ;) we filled up seven huge bins! Its raining today but hopefully tomorrow the weather will be nice again!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five For Friday! It's always fun to see what other teachers are up to! :)

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