Monday, March 16, 2015

Finding Good Apps for kids

iPads are a great tool in the classroom, but they need to be used effectively or I think the kids see it just as a toy and not a tool!
There are lots of ways to use iPads in the classroom, in all subject areas. I wrote about how I organize them and use them here. We are not 1-to-1 so we use them mostly during workshop time, but I love reading about how teachers with more iPads use them in their classroom too!

Anyways, it can sometimes be difficult to find good apps for kids that are FREE and don't have ads. When I find out about one I love, I am going to start posting a link at my facebook page. Be sure to like my page to stay up with great apps that have gone free! There is a free app posted there now! ;)

Go check it out! :)

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