Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently March

Are we seriously in March already?! Its a new month, which means a new currently! ;) I'm linking up with Farley's Currently!

The boys are going to bed, but Alex starts crying because his ear hurts. So he gets to hang out with me in the living room until Liam falls asleep... thanks to those giggles, I can assume he will probably be okay! ;) 

This was such a PERFECT Sunday! From the text this morning that there was lunch for us at church, to the fun-filled afternoon making puppets, going grocery shopping with Alex, then family game time, and we ended with family movie night. I think Big Hero 6 is going to be a new favorite in this house! 

Next year, which really means next school year, so life after June. Not really sure what it will all look like. It's going to be different. Will and I are pursuing some different options, but we really don't know how everything is going to pan out. I think about it a lot, but try not to worry. TRY. key word there! ;)

This rainy, cold winter we have had has thrown off my exercise routines... Plus my boys need more time outside and indoor recess needs to stop. Spring needs to get here soon. With all its sunny blue skies. Except maybe not the pollen!

Last week we had two delays and a program, etc. We didn't get much done that I had planned... It threw some of my kiddos off a lot and I am hoping this week is more normal so we can build up our routines again. Delays can be a blessing or a curse!

Spring Break! Still four weeks away! I have lots of plans to get life a little bit more organized. It may or may not require a trip to Ikea. ;) I feel like I spend so much more time organizing life at school, but there are some things around the house that need to get cleaned up so we make better use of our small space!

Here's to a great month!


  1. I still have four weeks until Spring Break too! I am ready for it to feel more spring like! I need to get myself in gear and exercise more - I like going for walks in the spring when it isn't too hot out. I completely relate to you on spending more time organizing my life at school than at home sometimes! It truly is a battle and something I am trying to balance more. My house will need some TLC during spring break I think! Have a great beginning of March!

  2. I have been so jealous of everyone's snow days I forget how they throw off your schedule and plans. I'l be thankful we have only had one early release and one 2 hour delay do to snow. I hope you find loads to organize with at IKEA, but more than likely you'll end up with more for your class. Isn't that always the way? Here's hoping your march is still a lamb the whole month through.

    1. Good grief! I need an edit button. Geez. . . I promise I'm brighter than this post shows!

  3. Here's hoping March brings warm, sunny weather with lots of time for outdoor activities! Ikea is my favorite! It's probably a good thing that the closest one is 2 hours from me!

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