Friday, March 6, 2015

Five For Friday: Happy March!

I had so many good intentions to post this week, but it has been a busy week and I am EXHAUSTED!  Field Trip, Full Moon, Dr. Seuss can all wear a person out! ;) 
But 70 degree weather does help my mood drastically. Spring come quickly!

On Wednesday we went to a Marionette Theatre and then went to a nearby park for our lunch! It was almost 80 degrees out! Perfect weather! The kids loved the trip. We saw the show and then got to go backstage and see how they put it on! The kids got to play with some marionette puppets too. It is definitely one that we will do again!

When we got back we had about an hour before it was recess time, so I showed them how to make paper bag puppets and we put on some shows. The kids wanted to do it during dismissal too. Their shows were hilarious! It was funny to hear them use silly voices, and one boy really showed his creative side and became a leader in setting up the shows. It was a great way for them to keep building their expression!

As tired as I was after the field trip, and I really wanted to just lay on the couch,  It was too beautiful a day to keep the boys cooped up inside! They had a ball playing in the yard and then decided that we had to go on a "trip". So we went to the end of the road. Alex kindly pulls the wagon sometimes too, it is so heavy with the two of them! ;) But then at the end Liam wanted out too!

oh yes, this is my life! ;) The boys were drinking water out of the tiny cups, so it lead us to a tea party dinner, dressed as super heroes of course! We have now started soccer season, so that means Will is out late with practices and games. I have to start getting creative with how we will keep busy. Basketball season had a crazy schedule that was all over the place, but soccer is at the end of the year and I am tired. But these little guys are a bundle of energy. Thankfully, super hero costumes and some origami ninja stars saved the night! :)

I know this is the end of Dr. Seuss week, but I finally added this sheet to my candy/food graphing freebie on facebook. Go like my page and check it out! I will be adding more for all the different holidays and months of the year! We are ending out the week with our Dr. Seuss Fun Friday.

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Enjoy your weekend! :)

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