Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 Focus: Conferencing and a Freebie!

I don't know if it is the fact that there was the sweetest hum of working in reading workshop this morning, that we actually got through a math lesson today {and workshop!}, that the medicine is finally starting to work on my cold, I had 3 meetings canceled today, or that tomorrow is Friday... but I have had a burst of energy this evening. Hopefully it sticks around for the weekend! :)
Hard at work during workshop! (you can get those word building cards here!)

I was thankfully able to attend our literacy conversations session after school today! I love talking literacy with other teachers! {if only I could find the same passion about math}

We talked today about conferencing, which was perfect because that was my next area to work on for my 2015 focus. As I have moved into conferencing more about comprehension with some of my budding readers, I am always a little stuck about what take away to leave them with. Some comprehension skills are deep and I don't know if they are going to remember what we talked about. When I discuss reading strategies I usually leave them with a strategy card, but even then strategy name is simple so they don't have trouble remembering when I leave, but it is not the same with comprehension. I had been thinking about making some bookmarks to match my comprehension posters, but had not found the time. I knew it could help, but wasn't sure if it was the missing piece...

Then, today as we were talking about some different types of conferencing based on Jennifer's Serravallo's book The Literacy Teacher's Playbook : research, decide, teach  or coaching. (brilliant!) Both types of conferencing talked about the importance of the Link-- and leaving a tangible note, bookmark, etc with the kids to help them keep thinking about the teaching point. 
So, my frustration with conferences was linked to something real... I was missing the LINK! :)

That was my motivation to go ahead and make my bookmarks for my kids. At this point, most kids entering the comprehension phase of conferencing are working on retelling and reading for meaning, so I decided that in the long run it would save me some time to make some bookmarks that linked to the visuals in our comprehension posters (that I have yet to print, I just display them on the smartboard). 

And guess what.... Its FREE! Click on any of the pictures to head to the freebie!

They go along great with my posters and response sheets!
There are 7 different bookmarks, but 12 posters and response sheets. 
I picked the skills that are most common to use for the bookmarks.
If you like the bookmarks be sure to check those out too! :)
(click on the pictures to head to my store)

 I'm looking forward to using some of the conferencing strategies we discussed in my independent reading time
that is what is great about meaningful professional development... 
you can put it into practice right away!
and I can't wait to see if the tangible reminder of the bookmarks will help too!
Happy Almost Friday!

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