Friday, February 20, 2015

Five For Friday: The ending to a GREAT WEEK!!

Wow. This week has been a ray of sunshine in a couple of rough months! Even though it has been freezing cold and we haven't been able to go outside, everyone has been getting along and the days are going smoothly! I am so thankful and relieved to be enjoying it all so much! 

This summed up my week! Every afternoon/evening I thought about staying home the next day, but never wanted to have to figure out sub plans and work for the kids! Thankfully I found some OTC meds that worked wonders and helped me survive! ;)

Our love for Elephant and Piggie continues to grow. I have no idea how we are going to move to any other writing topic for a while! The kids have been finishing their books, starting pigeon books, then going back to new Elephant and Piggie stories! The detail in their pictures is so precious.
Their story lines are quite humorous-- Elephant and Piggie get married. They proceeded to have a lot of babies, break up, miss each other and get back together. ;)

And, the surprise endings! Piggie says, "Why didn't you say the first time?" After Elephant has spent all day trying to make her happy! We have learned lots from Mo Willems when it comes to adding our voice and expression to our writing.

My kiddos have been loving our Vowel Team word building cards, so I went ahead and made a set of the R-controlled vowels to get ready for when we study those! I've included all the letter cards you would need to build the words, but my kids love using our Lakeshore Magnetic Word Builders with them! I have had those magnets for ages, but finally feel like we are putting them to good use!

We have started the reader's theater during our Read to Someone time! I typed up some Elephant and Piggie books into a script. It is interesting listening to them start doing it without the picture support of Elephant and Piggie's expressions. But, it ties along perfectly with our IB unit. Our central idea is Expressions are used to convey meaning. I want them to realize how many cues they use to help understand what people are thinking and feeling. I think as they practice their parts more they will build more expression again, and make it more their own.

My kids now write ALL. DAY. LONG. thanks to Elephant and Piggie. They work on books as soon as they are done with morning work, during recess, and dismissal time, and any other free second they can find! One girl today told me she was going to write a book about me. She drew my family on the cover. I love it. The book is precious. 

It was such a great week to remember the joys of being a teacher. I am excited to see what the weeks ahead hold!
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  1. I think the Elephant and Piggie books look adorable! My students last year LOVED reading them at our library center and would create so many books about the character at the writing center. I hope you have a great weekend!:)

    Mrs. Solis Teaching Treasures

    1. Thanks! Most of my Mo Willems books are so beaten up because the kids just adore them! Hope you have a good weekend too!


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