Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers Are Heroes {a sale}

One thing is true, no two days of teaching are ever quite the same. 
Not when you are dealing with 18 little people who come to school each day wearing the joys, hurts, disappointments, or happiness of the day before. 
Kids, who, no matter where they slept, what they ate, or what happened the night before, need to learn to be able to navigate through life.
Not just learn academics, but life skills, thinking skills, people skills, social skills.
We don't teach just to the head anymore, we teach to the heart, the physical and emotional.

Teaching isn't a job you can "leave at school." It requires evenings, weekends, mornings. You never know if that great idea for the next lesson will pop into your head in the shower, at the store, or cooking dinner.

Most teachers I know get their paycheck, and then put some bit of it back into their teaching. Teachers put their time, resources, energy, heart into everything they do. Everyday.

Sometimes for hugs, cute notes,  the joy of watching kids finally get it.
Sometimes in return teachers get called names, pulled on, play games of chase, temper tantrums.

Regardless of what happens, teachers wake up the next morning and start it again. 

Teachers are heroes.
Don't let anyone let you think differently!

So to celebrate teachers, TPT is throwing a sale!

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To celebrate YOU, my store will be 20% off on Wednesday, February 25. Plus if you use the code HEROES, TPT will add an extra discount!

Here are a couple of things that might help your busy teacher life a little easier!

These posters and response sheets are just the thing to help your kids as they are building their reading comprehension.
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Thanks for EVERYTHING you do!

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