Friday, February 6, 2015

Five for Friday: Is it over yet?

This week will certainly be an unforgettable. Lots happened... that I will never forget.
But, thank goodness that Friday comes at the end of every week!

Here is what we have been up too this week!

Happy 100th day of school! We celebrated on Monday. 
My favorite part is always counting out our snack! I love how organized some kids are in making their 5 groups... and others just don't care. ;)

This weekend I worked on a new station for word study. We have only covered the Long A and E vowel teams, but I went ahead and made cards for every vowel team we will be covering! 

My kids have enjoyed using the Long A and E cards!

After a very interesting beginning of the week, my kids had an amazing Thursday!
We celebrate with our first "recess reward" an incentive time I pull out later in the year when things start to get a little crazy. Instead of waiting til Friday, I had to take advantage of the positives.
So I got some big pieces of paper and the kids had fun with chalk! 

When I conference with my kids I want to leave them with something to remind them of what we chatted about... So I made these reading comprehension bookmarks!
And they are FREE!!
You can read more about them here
or click on the picture to download them!

I don't often make it through a whole book with both of them on my lap, but I am glad that these two are around to keep me company! ;) Alex likes to read 4-5 books before bed (mostly to prolong bedtime!) but Liam still climbs up and down at least 5 million times throughout one book! He does love to come bring books to wherever I am sitting, but we normally only make it through a couple of pages before he loses interest. That is how Alex used to be, so I know it's only a matter of time before I get to have both of them on my lap for a whole book! :)

Happy Friday!
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  1. Hi Katie! Looks like a fun, busy week! How does your incentive recess award work? I like the idea of coloring with chalk. :)

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

    1. It is really a low key, not very organized way to celebrate good choices! :) Right before recess we pull out chalk, water colors, legos, paper airplanes... any thing out of the ordinary or fun. I did it daily towards the end of last year, but its more weekly this year... just something to celebrate the kids that consistently make good choices, and then it helps encourage those that have a little bit more trouble with that!


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