Saturday, August 23, 2014


Even inquirers needs a peek at what is going on during the day! Every year my kids really appreciate having a daily agenda so they know what to expect. It also saves me a lot of time having to remind them what comes next. Its also been a huge help for some of my kids who need that extra routine and schedule to be able to focus on learning. Some years I have even had an agenda checker--that friend that checks off the picture after we finished it!
My agenda has varied a lot through the years. For a while we had to have it go in a circle, starting at 11 o'clock. Then we were allowed to have it as a flow map and last year I had our day going vertically down my board. Well, this year I made some new circular agenda cards and I didn't it like it vertical, but it looks FABULOUS going horizontal across the top of my board!

It fills in that kind of unused space and I love it! I have some room to write more detail underneath. I am contemplating using a thin border or tape to section it off, but for now I will leave it the way it is! :)  I normally don't put times down so I can make teacher adjustments as necessary, but occasionally if our schedule is different or we have an assembly, I put the time up as a reminder to me!

Daily Agenda Circle Signs

These agenda cards are available at my TPT store! Go check them out! If you buy them and need some of the wording changed for your schedule feel free to email me at and I can make those adjustments for you!

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