Saturday, August 9, 2014

First Five For Friday!

This is my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!


1. I stepped into my classroom on Monday to start working in my classroom! I am making progress but doing a lot of sorting and getting rid of stuff! I still have lots of things that need a place, and I am hoping to find a place for everything instead of hiding it in cupboards right before school starts! 

2. I took my boys to school with me one day! I did get some things hung up, but we spent some extra time cleaning up! Alex loved the pointers and wanted to take home a whole basket of my lego books! 
(It is going to be really hart taking them back to school!)

3. Summer is not over yet! We spent some time playing in the pool, but Liam decided it would be more fun to get muddy. I am kind of over the hot weather and wet swimsuits, but not ready to go back to school just yet!

4. I spent Friday on a forever long trip to Atlanta, in a huge thunderstorm to pick up my sister, only to discover that I was at the wrong terminal and her flight was diverted and delayed by several hours! Fortunately, it all worked out and she brought be Green Tea KitKats from Japan! 
(which means I am one happy girl!)

5. Rainy mornings call for a trip to the library! Alex is excited to be able to play with Aunt Sarah and I have lots of new books for the beginning of school! 

Next week starts teacher work days of school! Summer is quickly coming to an end... not to sure how I feel about that!

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