Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello August!

Well, I decided to head school today and stepped into this:

So much to unpack, organize and rearrange! I got a good start today, but am no where near done!

The first area I always organize is my reading area! 
I love having a classroom library. I think it is one of the most important parts of a classroom! If you want your kids to be readers, you need to give them lots to read! Thanks to a couple of donors choose projects, I have been able to build up my library quite a bit. (still need more though! Check out two of my projects here and here. :) ) I have also been able to get a lot of the lakeshore reading bins and love using those to organize my books! 

Last year I made some new labels for them that fit inside the little pocket in front of the bin. You can download them as a freebie! Go here to grab a set! 

Here is a little peak at what they look like:
I have them organized in different ways--authors, series, interest etc. My kids love the days when they get to check out books. I tried to have a picture with each one for some of my kids who need the visual! :) My leveled section I use some stickers I got from a Lakeshore pack because I change them around a lot depending on where my kids are at. There are a couple of blank ones too in case you have other bins you want to add (or for your leveled section)!
Target dollar spot has lots of good baskets for books too!

Pictures of my classroom coming soon, but it is NO where near ready! :)

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