Saturday, August 9, 2014

Who We Are

One of the great things of the IB program is that is requires a lot of collaboration among teachers. We are also constantly reflecting on what we taught previously and how we can change it to help the kids make better connections to what they are learning. We had a great time collaborating and hashing out the wording on our central ideas.
(Maybe that makes us total nerds, but it is fabulous!)
We wanted to make sure our planners were working for us this year, so we chose a central idea that would be practical for the beginning of the school year...

Self actualization guides personal interactions.

We are going to focus on our students' strengths, weaknesses, and needs to help them see how to best work in our classroom community. We want to teach kids how to respond to what they are feeling, how to take care of their bodies to help them be good learners, and start to internalize our Learner Profile and Attitudes. As they learn how to respond to the other first graders around them, we will be able to teach them classroom procedures and workshop routines and get our rooms running smoothly for a great year!
More to come on our unit later!

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