Monday, August 18, 2014

All About Me!

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When we start our IB unit Who We Are, we are going to focus first on ourselves and how we are each unique and special. Last year I did the all about me bags (I used this great freebie from Fun in First Grade with my kids and we really enjoyed it! I can't wait to do it again this year!

Here are the 5 things in my bag this year:

Dinosaurs are my life now! I have two boys at home-- Alex (age 3) and Liam (age 1)! They have definitely helped me understand how to teach boys better! We had a great summer and they keep life at home quite exciting!

My kids learn quickly that Mrs. Plunkett needs her coffee! My brain starts after I have had my first few sips. I love this cup too because it says coffee in so many different languages! Both my husband and I grew up overseas and would love to go back somewhere so it also represents my love for all things international! 

I grew up in Japan! My parents are missionaries there and have been serving there for 30 years! First grade was one of the years I spent in the states so it is kind of fun to be teaching that grade! I love having lots of Japanese things in my house and we eat Japanese food on a regular basis! My boys love seaweed and my kids get used to all the crazy foods I bring to school! Can you guess what this little thing is used for? 

Teachers carry whistles... But so do coaches! My husband has coached football, basketball, and soccer! I rush home after school so he can get off to practice! During the day he stays home with the boys. I love the quality time my boys get with him and how he sets such a godly example to them! This year he is not doing football because he is starting classes to get an Masters in middle grades education! I am thankful for that! Coaching takes up a lot of hours! 

My hobby this summer has been reading! Sometimes I do more crafty things, other years it's cooking, but I have really enjoyed reading a lot this summer! This is the stack of books I have NOT gotten to... Including the many books on my iPad that I want to read too! Unfortunately with school starting up, my reading stamina has dropped a bit, but hopefully I can be a good weekend reader! ;)  (You can find my list of books read at my personal blog

Something that I really can't put in my bag, but wish I could is my Bible! My faith is definitely one of the most important things about me and the Lord has brought me through some really rough times teaching! Last week in my small group we were reading verses about work and this one really stuck with me so I made a little poster to remind myself that everything I am doing is for the Lord!

Its easy to get overwhelmed by all that we are asked to do as teachers, but I think I can keep the best attitude, work the hardest, and love those kids best if I keep my focus on the Lord! Feel free to download a copy of it too!

What would you put in your bag?

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