Friday, August 29, 2014

Five for Friday: Not Just Surviving...but Thriving!


Oh. My. Word.
I love my class. 
They get along. They work hard. They listen to stories.
Things I do not take for granted. 

1. The kids made the sweetest self portraits after we read The Colors of Us by Karen Katz.
You can find out more of my favorite back to school book here!

2. We started our math stations! We did some review stations to get into the routines of workshop. The kids did great and had fun playing the math games!

3. This week I did several team building activities to help the kids get used to working together. Today we did the marshmallow challenge. It was SO interesting to watch! See this post for more info on our teamwork activities!

4. This week I finished my reading strategies pack! There are lots of different options for posters, student cards, and bookmarks! Please check it out here.
Reading Strategies Posters, Bookmarks, and Student Cards

5. I needed to get back on the meal planning track so I am not frantically trying to figure out what to do the night of! I decided that if I had the same type of food each day of the week it wold help me stay on track a bit better, but there is still a lot of flexibility. I veered off course tonight, but so far it is working well. My husband even started dinner one night because he looked at the plan!
*I realize that the paper totally clashed with the border. Poor planning on my part.
*I also realized I spelled spaghetti wrong. Go easy on me... its back to school time! ;)
You can get a copy here! There is a ink friendly version too!

Happy Long Weekend!!

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